Amore Jewell Liuli Crystal Glass ...................

Today we would like to continue to share the meaning of the color of the Coloured Glaze Glass (Liuli Crystal Glass) for you.......

Blue color: It can gather blessings, and bring good lucks to you. It represents clear, quiet and comfortable. Blue color can reduce stress and stabilize emotions, it can also improve people’s popularity to make more friends. It has strong healing power for bones, kidney and headache, it is suitable for all those people who need good lucks.

Purple/blue color: These two colors help people to get along smoothly with other people, and have deep communication effectively with anyone around you.

Amber color: This color is suitable for wealth gathering, it is the symbolism of power and wealth. It represents bright, gentle and innovative, helps people emanate authoritative energy. It can strengthen the decisive power of people, and has great effects on the development and success of the business. It can improve people’s nervous system, and it is suitable for those who are struggling and eager to succeed in business.

Purple/white color: It means safety, peace, and good mood. The white color is a symbol of purity, when combined with purple, it is more revealing both inside and outside. It appears the elegant with slightly arrogant. It is the representative of charm, with a touch of fragrance into the heart, it can help with the memory. This color indicates that the relationship is priceless, and love is unforgettable and forever.

Amber/white color: This color means having good promotion in your career and wealth luck, it shows the noble qualities of the emperor, it can help your body recover from the fatigue. It controls emotions, and stimulates people's memory. It can help people to gather fortune and wealth.