New arrival Liuli ...

Amore Jewell has new Liuli products that just arrived at our warehouse, and they will be on sale on our official website pretty soon, please visit: We will share our new products with you in no time! Please stay tuned for news on our exciting new products, always.... 

Here, we would like share you something about "Liuli Crystal glass"-----

About Coloured Glaze Craft (Liuli):

Coloured Glaze Craft called Liuli in Chinese, it is an important decorative component in traditional Chinese architecture. It is usually used in important buildings such as palaces, temples, and mausoleums.

Liuli refers to the use of artificial crystals with various colors (including 24% lead dioxide) as raw materials, it is similar with casting glass, crystal sculpture, Liuli consists strictly of man-made crystal, utiliting a special lost was casting technique where the crystal glass components are heated on nearly 1200 degrees Celsius. Thus becoming a liquid. This Liquid flows into a plaster molds.

The process is called lost-was casting, because the molds are made by encasing was sculptures in plaster and then melting away the wax. The resule is crystal clear products with fine shapes and magical color formations, Each having its own unique characteristics.

How to protect and take are of items:

*Do not collide or rub to avoid surface scratches.

*Keep the temperature at room temperature, the real-time temperature difference should not be too large, especially not to heat or cool it by yourself.

*Smooth surface, should not be placed directly on the table, it is best to have a mat or cloth on.

*It should be wiped with pure water. If tap water is used, it should be allowed to stand for more than 12 hours. Keep the surface of the glass shiny and clean. Do not touch oily foreign objects.

*Avoid contact with sulfur or chlorine.

Liuli is also a good decoration for improving Feng Shui of home or office, Feng Shui helps with a variety of different problems. It can even help with problems is the business. They give many tips on how to make a business successful and stay successful.

A person should hand Liuli around their office, it absorb negative energies in the work space. This ensures many smooth days at work. Putting Liuli on the person’s desk makes this outcome more likely.

Note: Air bubbles are formed naturally through the creation of Liuli, many artists use the bubbles as the subject of their creations, carefully manipulating their flow and size. Air bubble are the breath of Liuli, bringing the sense of vitality into this artwork, and that is a common understanding in the world of coloured glaze art.